No 8 Commando Nominal L-Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 8 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Lacey Leonard Frank Pte 5669104   Somerset Li
Landsberg W Gdm      
Langton Tom Maj   MC  
Laycock Robert Bob Lt Col     RHG
Leadbetter Harold J Gdm 2617519   Grenadier Gds
Leaver W H Cpl      
Leitch J Gdm 2698540   Scots Gds
Lewes John Steel Jock Lt 65419   Welsh Gds
Lilley Ernest,Thomas 'Bob' Gdm 2660913 MM Coldstream Gds & 'L' det. SAS
Majendie John Dering LT (later Major) 95253   Somerset Li
Marsden Frederick Charles Gdm     Coldstream Gds
Martin J E Slinger Maj     16 Lancers
Mather, Sir David Carol Macdonald Capt   MC Welsh& Scots Gds
Mayle John Jack   328493   Lancers
Maynard John Edward Trestrail Cpl 5440304   Duke Of Cornwall Li
Mccormick   Sgt 7878909   17/21 Lancers
Mckay A Cqms      
Mckay Robert Gdm 2698040   Scots Gds
Milbanke R Capt   MC 10 Hussars
Miles Arthur W        
Miller John Pte 6139215   East Surrey
Moore Sidney Henry Cpl      
Mortimer George Gdm      
Murray Patrick   6976770   R Inniskilling
Ness A P Capt      
Neville   Sgt S/181399   RASC
Nicholson, Sir Godfrey Capt      
O'Dowd Christopher Gdsm 2719054 MM Irish Gds/L Det SAS /1SAS/kia SRS
O'Neill N Paddy Sgt     Ox & Bucks
O'Reilly J M Sgt   MM Irish Gds
O'Shea J A Sgt      
Oliphant J Pte      
Peace Jack Cpl     Coldstream Gds
Peck Ted The Rabbi        
Portess George Thomas Gdm      
Prowse A C Lcpl      
Quinton R S   2566703   RHG
Redstone Arthur Pte      
Rhodes Frank   2626982   Grenadier Gds
Richards James Irwin Cpl      
Richardson Arthur Csm 5381845   RAC
Riley Charles George Gibson Wo1 2656281 DCM Coldstream Gds
Robertson John Paterson Gdm 2811911   Scots Gds
Rose Graham Johnny Lcpl 2617725 MM* Grenadier Gds
Sadler John   2814251   Scots Gds
Savery Henry James        
Scanes Lewis Ralph Tpr 321274   Dragoon Gds
Schofield Albert Joe Sgt     Life Guards
Senior Fred Lsgt 2696965   Scots Gds
Sherwood James Barlow Brookes Sgt     RASC
Shortall James Patrick Cpl 6464231   R Fus/3 Cdo /SSRF/executed 2SAS
Sillett Thomas John Pte 5672780   S.LI/L Det/died of diptheria with 1SAS 'A' Sqn.
Smith Henry John Gdm     Grenadier Gds
Smith Lionel Eric Cpl      
Smith L V Lcpl 2719754   Irish Gds
Smyth Osbourne   Capt      
Stavordale, The Lord   Lt      
Stirling Archibald David Lt 72647 DSO, OBE  
Stone Sydney J Sgt 2692673   Scots Gds 
Storey J Sgt 3597146   Scots Gds
Sudeley, The Lord   Capt      
Sutherland David Lt Col   MC Black Watch
Swann Joseph Gdm      
Terry John Leslie Cpl 2617532   Grenadier Gds
Tobin Charles Francis Gdsm 2719627   Irish Gds/ME Cdo/1SAS/kia SRS
Tribe Charles Lcpl      
Tufnell K E M Major   MC  
Warburton Arthur Gdm 2734482   Welsh Gds
Ward George Richard Sgt 282309   Scots Gds/L Det/ SRS/ 1SAS/died on war service
Watson Tom A Pte      
Waugh Evelyn Lt     Royal Marine
Wells Percy Arthur Gnr     R Artillery
Wilson Robert Tug Col   DSO*, MID R Artillery
Wright William Bill Major     R Artillery

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