No 8 Commando Nominal A-K

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 8 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Albon Frederick G Sgt      
Allen Reginald Arthur Reg Sgt     Rifles
Allott Richard Lt      
Almonds John Edward Sqms 2655648 MM* CdeG Coldstream Gds
Alston   Lt      
Atkinson P Gdm      
Austin M B Gdm      
Baker James Henry Malcolm Pte/LCpl 2615455   Gren Gds/ME Cdo/L Det/ SRS/1SAS executed
Baker Kenneth Cpl 5618955   Devonshire
Baker W Sgt      
Barnes George Csm 2617252 MM Grenadier Gds
Bell Tom        
Bennett Robert Sgt 2617533 MM Grenadier Gds
Blakeney James Venney Gdsm 2660354   Coldstream Gds/L Det/kia 1SAS
Bolland Stanley Gdsm 2696934   Scots Gds/L Det/kia
Bond Ernest Radcliffe Sgt 3710883   Scots Gds
Bousefield   Sgt 2656645   Coldstream Gds
Bowers John Lcpl      
Bremner George C Sgt 2880295 MM London Scots/ & SBS
Brewitt John Pte 7619486   Raoc
Bridger Arthur   2698057   Scots Gds
Brook Harold LCpl 2615070   Gren Gds/ME Cdo/ SRS/kia 1SAS
Brough William Gordon Jimmy Lcpl 2695138 MM Scots Gds
Bunn Gerrard J C Gdm      
Campbell Robin Capt      
Campbell William        
Carrington J Gdm 2696602   Scots Gds
Cartwright Leonard Richard Sgt 328983   Rac
Cass George Edward LSgt 2616121   Gren Gds/SBS/L Det/1SAS/kia SBS
Cawsey Francis Williams Pte 5499203   Somerset Li
Chesworth Thomas R       Scots Gds
Churchill Randolph Lt      
Collins Ian Lt 139780 OBE, CdeG* Coldstream Gds
Colquohuon Leonard Lsgt 2695291   Scots Gds
Cook Stanley John Cpl      
Cooper J C Major      
Cooper John Murdoch Lsgt 2698113 DCM Scots Gds
Couldrey Edwin Robert Bdr 830703   R Artillery
Courtney Roger James Allen Jumbo Lt 2239   West Yorks
Creese   Bdr     R Artillery
Curtis P Sgt      
Curtis W S Major   MC  
Daly Dermot R Lt Col     Scots Gds
D'arcy Michael Gdm     Irish Gds
Davies Roy David Pte 2734997   Welsh Gds/L Det/ kia 1SAS
Diamond Max        
Dickason Samuel E Csm      
Drongin Anthony Tsm 2695218   Scots Gds
Duffy William P Sgt 2568672   Grenadier Gds
Duncalfe Roy Gdm 2695425 MM Scots Gds
Dunne Philip Lt     RHG
Eccles Douglas Sgt 2735399   Welsh Gds/SRS/1SAS executed
Edsall Keith Valentine Tpr 7912260   RAC
Edwards Thomas Gdm      
Evans R D   2733469   Welsh Gds
Fassam Joseph William LBdr 874242   RA/ME Cdo/1SAS/kia SRS
Feebery Cyril Tsm 2615284 DCM Grenadier Gds, SBS, SAS
Fitzlarence E Capt      
Flattery Robert, H. Dvr     & 52 ME
Ford I L Tpr      
Friend John Francis Sgt      
Galbraith E Ted Lt      
Gardner C E Lt Col      
Gilroy   Major     RAMC
Goode Frederick Charles Cpl 5108868   Duke Of Cornwall LI
Govan James Chisholm Wilson Cpl 3057065 MM RASC/ME Cdo/SRS/1SAS executed
Griffiths-Jones Mervyn Capt      
Gunn David       Seaforths
Hanbury-Tracy, Bt Richard Algernon Frederick Maj 45143   RHG
Harrold Edward Thomas Hornsby Cpl 5615963   Somerset Li
Headland Thomas Herbert Lsgt 2613699   Grenadier Gds
Hearn William Herbert Pte 5625251   Dev. Regt/3,8,&ME Cdo/1SAS/kia SRS
Higgins Walter T F Spr     R Engineers
Hill Daniel Mcfarlane Pte 2694342   Scots Gds
Hillyard Thomas Fenton Lsgt     Coldstream Gds
Hobart Edward J Eddie Bdr     R Artillery
Hogan M J Gdm      
Holmes Ronald William Sgt 5622405 BEM Devonshire
Honour George Butler Nk      
Houlgate A J Pte      
Houston   Sgt 2694790   Scots Gds
Jellicoe George Patrick John Rushworth Lt 124546 DSO MC MiD Coldstream Gds
Jenkins W G Sgt      
Jones C C Sgt      
Jones Hefin Gdm      
Jones John Thomas William Spr     R Engineers
Kauntze J Lt      
Kealy Michael R B Major      
Kershaw David Sgt 4121633   Grenadier Gds
Kinnivane John Cpl 6094156   QRR/ME Cdo/SRS/1SAS executed

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