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L/Cpl Ashcroft was wounded and taken POW at St Nazaire.

Posted 25/4/40 to 'X' Company 1st Liverpool Scottish before volunteering for the Independent Companies. He was attached to No 4 (Liverpool Scottish) Platoon of No 4 Independent Company based at the time in Paignton. Then joined No 2 Commando 5 troop on its formation in Feb.1941. He was injured and captured during Operation Chariot - St Nazaire on the 28/29th March 1942.

BLISSETT, Harry Harold

Maj. Blissett 2 commando
Major Harry Harold Blissett served as a Captain in No 4 Independent Company and No 2 Commando. He was appointed Brigade Major in the 1st Special Service Bde in preparation for DDay.  In 1945 he received a MiD for gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe[1].
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 36994, page 1558.

BROOME, Richard Frank

Captain Richard Broome, OC 5 troop, died [1] during operations at Salerno and was originally buried on the forward slope of Dragone Hill [2].
Richard Broome volunteered from the South Lancs for the Independent Companies when they were raised. He joined No 4 Independent Company as a Lieutenant and saw action during an operation in Norway.  

COPLAND, William Oranmore

Major William Copland was 2 i/c No 2 Commando. He served with No 4 Independent Company and then with the newly formed No 2 Cdo. He took part in Operation Chariot and was awarded the DSO for his gallantry on the raid. He was taken prisoner after the raid.


Troop Sergeant Major Kenneth McAllister spent several years of his childhood in America in the Southern states as his father worked in the Cotton trade. He was a fine amateur boxer. His occupation pre war was as a Cotton Clerk.

MOSS, Alan

Regimental Sergeant Major Alan Moss, HQ 2 Commando, was shot and killed during the raid at St. Nazaire. He was one of the commando contingent on ML 267.
Alan Moss served in the Liverpool Scots QOCH TA, then No.4 Independent Company and finally No. 2 Commando. He was a Sgt. in No.4 Ind. Coy. He was the first RSM of No.2 Commando when it was formed. On the 28th March 1942 along with many from No. 2 Commando he took part in Operation Chariot, the raid on St Nazaire. His squad was to be a small HQ Reserve for Lt. Col. Newman.

PROCTOR, John David

John David Proctor 2 Commando
Second Lieutenant John Proctor received his commission into the Camerons (1st Liverpool Scottish)  on the 10th February 1940. He later volunteered for the Independent Companies joining No 4 Ind.Coy. In February 1941 he joined No. 2 Commando as a Lieutenant in 5 troop.

ROY, Donald William

Captain Donald Roy DSO
The then Private Donald William Roy (late Cadet, Fettes College Contgt., Jun. Div., O.T.C.). received his commission into the Liverpool Scots TA on the 17th June 1939. He was mobilised in August 1939 and posted to the 2nd Battalion. He volunteered for the Independent Companies and was posted to No 3 Platoon,  No 4 Independent Company. In May 1941 he and the rest of No 4 Ind. Coy sailed as part of Scissors Force to Norway (Operation Avonmouth).   When they returned he was posted to 'B' Coy. No 1 Special Service Bn.

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